Our founder & CEO, Matt Tumbleson talks to CRMXchange about the power of texting for businesses: 

Matt Tumbleson, Founder of Teckst, which is helping to bring two-way, human-to-human text messaging platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and more, believes that the one of the main obstacles to implementing messaging is simple inertia. “A year ago, I was talking to an industry leader…an early adaptor from a major on-demand ridesharing start-up…who said to me that ‘within three years this will be everywhere.’ I aked ‘why so long?’ and he replied that companies are just slow to adapt. There are still businesses that are first looking at social media service and even some still just exploring web chat.”

Tumbleson’s take is that there has been a hesitance because companies consider it to be an investment in software, in time and in another communication channel.  They are thus reluctant to pull the trigger even though they know it can help shape both their brand and their customer experience. “Everyone wants to be part of the leading edge, but not necessarily leading edge.”

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