Hanging up the Phone:
Meeting Customers Where They Are

Why You Should Implement a Text and Mobile Messaging Channel

Why Text and Mobile Messaging?

There are more than two billion smartphone users on Earth, and 97% of smartphone users text. Not only that, 94% of text messages are opened, and 95% are read within 3 minutes. Yet text and mobile messaging is a channel that brands are just starting to embrace to communicate with their customers. Businesses that use two-way texting see a myriad of benefits, including call deflection, increased agent efficiency, and better customer satisfaction.


Smartphone Users on Earth

Smartphone users that text


Texts that are opened


Texts that are read within 3 mins



Smartphone Users on Earth

Smartphone users that text


Texts that are opened


Texts that are read within 3 mins


Getting the Message Right- Text vs. Chat

Many companies are understandably confused by the difference between messaging and chat. Text and mobile messaging (like Facebook messenger) is done via a native app installed on the user’s smartphone. Web chat, whether with a live person or a chatbot, must be conducted via a website or a brand’s mobile app. Chat applications require an open browser, while messaging is asynchronous and can be stopped or continued at the customer’s convenience. The best practice is to offer both channels, as they can each work well in different situations and for different customer preferences.

What is Teckst?

Teckst is a platform that enables real time, human-to-human communication between brands and their customers. The application integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing agents to respond directly to SMS and mobile messages within your current workflow.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Teckst fits into your existing sales and support workflows so reps and agents don’t need to learn another platform or toggle between screens.
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Enterprise Service and Support

Teckst becomes an extension of your team, offering full platform support.

Staffing and Training

Custom Analytics Integration

24/7 Engineering Support

Dedicated Account Management

Annual Engagement Calendar

Program Support and Best Practices

Platform Customization

Conversation Design

Why Use Teckst?

Meet customers where they are:

Allow customers to communicate with your brand over the channels they use most.

Take advantage of messaging features:

Capitalize on the asynchronous nature of texting, along with other built-in features like GPS, read receipts, emojis, etc.

Gather customer intelligence:

Capture what your customers are asking about and where they are in their purchase journeys so you can respond accordingly.

Deflect expensive calls:

Shift conversations to more efficient messaging channels to save customers from long wait times and improve customer satisfaction scores.

Integrate seamlessly:

Respond to messages from inside your CRM, with no workflow interruption. Cases and contacts are updated in real time for full visibility into the customer’s history.

Generate revenue:

Answer questions quickly to facilitate sales and prevent visitors from leaving your store or website.

Focus on agents:

Provide your agents with a great user experience and free them from spending hours on the phone so they can focus on other tasks.

Go Global:

Message with customers around the world by leveraging our global messaging network, with coverage in 190+ countries.

Teckst vs. Other Services

While Teckst was the first to market text and mobile messaging platform in 2014, today there are a few different options for companies looking to implement these channels. Below is a breakdown of features and capabilities to consider as you research the right tools for your company.
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Learn How You Can Use Teckst Across the Customer Journey: