Summer may have just ended, but the unofficial start to holiday shopping is right around the corner. Black Friday gets a bad rap, with its mile-long lines and overwhelming throngs of determined shoppers. It’s a day where providing a positive customer experience – let alone maximizing sales – is akin to a unicorn sighting. But there’s much more potential beyond just calming crazed shoppers. With the right strategy, retailers can use an improved mobile customer experience to maximize the chaos.  

Last year, 154 million consumers shopped on Black Friday–3 million more than the year before. Conversely, consumers spent on average $10 less than the previous year (roughly $10 million less). By partnering with companies like Teckst, retailers can regain their millions in unspent-money while providing a better experience for their customers. It’s a win-win.


You know the chaos is coming, so be proactive and allow customers to pre-purchase or reserve items via text. To avoid an overwhelming number of reservations, only offer this service to loyalty customers. Not only does this provide a valuable member perk to keep loyal customers happy, but it’s also a nice incentive to get non-members interested in joining. Nordstrom pioneered this expanding service and trend-forward brands like Adidas are utilizing a text-to-buy feature. Teckst integrates all the services of companies like these to easily set up and operate these types of programs.


Seamlessly navigate the surface layer of customer queries by using automated responses. Answering mundane questions like “What are your hours?” over text provides a more pleasant customer experience than calling a store and having to follow operator prompts or even be put on hold. Automations allow you business to help more customers faster, plus they free up employees’ time so they can better assist with issues that require human interaction.  

In-store texting

Provide everything from special deals to customer service with in-store texting. Literally, put the control in the customer’s hands, making it easy for them to navigate through crowded aisles and ransacked shelves. Offer deals, too; according to the National Retail Federation, 23.1% of holiday shoppers visit coupon websites. Use signage in-store to alert shoppers of the ability to text. Home Depot offers in-store texting at selection locations (powered by Teckst) for this very reason. Take it one step further to allow for hidden deals that customers can text for while in-store. Your customers will love it. 

Text Reminders

While providing text-exclusive deals and info is a smart strategy, the customer also expects to find the info they need on a retailer’s website, social media, email campaigns and other customer channels. Allow customers to be reminded of deals by signing up for text alerts for specific items. Or, segment a portion of the customer care team to act as “concierges” for alerting high-value customers of any deals they’d be interested in. 

Today’s shoppers expect proper customer service, even if it is the craziest day of the year for retail. Text messaging is perfect for the on-the-go customer, plus it requires less time and manpower than other modes of communication. Recent client studies show that agents using Teckst can handle up to 12 text conversations at the same time, whereas those same agents can handle 1.5-2 web chats at a time. If your care team is going to juggle, be sure they’re on the right channel and have the right tools. 

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