A new law in Florida allows lawyers to leverage text messaging to chat with potential and current clients (read up on it here). The new law makes Florida the second state in the country to allow such practices. Ohio is the first. To commemorate the grand (jury?) occasion, we created a small dictionary of emojis and their meanings in the legal world.


The Emoji Dictionary for Texting a Lawyer in Florida

Emoji Smiley-35

1. Divorce: If you’ve finally given up and you’re fed up with his cheating ways, text your Florida attorney this gem.


Emoji Natur-01

2. Dog Attack: If you’re a mailman, or your Cavalier King Charles organized a coup d’é·tat with the cat, be sure to text your attorney this emoji.


Emoji Orte-06

3. Malpractice: When your doctor removes the wrong toe, this emoji can get your attorney’s attention.


Emoji Orte-27

4. Statute of Limitations: Yes, this is a pun, but Florida lawyers love puns. Statute of limitations running out? Hurry up and text this already!


Emoji Orte-65

5. Arrested. When you hear, “You have the right to remain silent,” quickly grab that cell phone and text your Florida lawyer this. No phone call needed.


Emoji Orte-77

6. Name change. You may not want to be John Appleseed, but you get the gist of it. Recently married? Recently divorced?


Emoji Orte-96

7. Immigration. Unless you’re Donald Trump, send this to your Florida lawyer to get counsel immediamente.


Emoji Smiley-87

8. Plead the Fifth. When you’re about to hit the stand and you need a cue to keep your mouth shut, you’ll want to plead the fifth with this cute little guy.


Emoji Smiley-102

9. Witness. Can I get a witness? Send this if you either will or will not be a witness. It’s somewhat ambiguous, but it definitely signifies you saw something.


Emoji Smiley-109

10. Assault. Hopefully you were assaulted by Kanye so you can buy that boat you’ve always wanted.