image via TechCrunch

It’s just about time to head home for the holidays. Despite insane lines via all forms of transport, the thought of being with our friends and family is far warmer than the cold reality of painfully annoying travel. Plus, this is the year you finally splurged on Mom and Dad. Two iPad Airs, semi-perfectly wrapped, will go into the hands of the two people who made you, fed you for 18 years, then helped you pay off your credit card more times than they needed to.

Fast forward to early 2016, whatever day you’re the business, at whatever time you’re busiest. Let’s hypothesize it’s Tuesday at 3PM and you’r win the middle of a department-wide meeting. Your pocket begins to buzz. In a knee-jerk reaction, you glance at your iPhone screen, concealing the brightness from your co-workers. It’s Mom. “Hmmmm,” you think to yourself. Mom never calls at this time. You push her to voicemail, the begin to quickly text you’ll call her back. Before you can hit send, she calls again. Annoyed, you send her to voicemail again.

Thoughts of catastrophe begin to seep into your mind as she calls a third time. The only reason Mom would call three times in a row is because something major happened. Somewhat embarrassed, you slowly stand up in the meeting and excuse yourself for what everyone can only imagine is to use the restroom and that your bladder simple can’t hang with the busy office schedule of corporate America.

The moment you’ve cleared the sight of your co-workers, you grab the phone, nervously anticipating Mom’s answer. “Hello?” she says. “Hey Mom, is everything okay?” you whisper with a slight tremble in your voice. “No,” Mom replies, humbly. “The iPad… It won’t connect to the wifi. I don’t remember the name of the wifi or the password. Shouldn’t it just know? For God’s sake, I’m standing right next tot he box!” she exclaimed.

Mummo, a service created this week during a hackathon at TechCrunch London’s Disrupt, will solve this very problem. Giving a gift to Mom and Dad can be a moment of joy, followed by years of terror. Until their printer/FitBit/iPad/Nest has either been mastered or destroyed, the questions about its use will never cease. Mummo is a two-sided marketplace that pairs clueless tech novices with local experts to answer questions and even troubleshoot what seems like 101 to most millennials (and younger).

Mummo was created during a a 24-hour hackathon sponsored by Clover, Devpost, ESRI, Twilio, and Zalando. No website has been created, and no immediate launch day has been set. However, the Teckst team is hoping that it’s ready soon, otherwise Mom and Dad will be getting nothing but candles for the foreseeable future.

For more information, read the TechCrunch post here.