UI Improvements

We’ve improved the UI so that it’s easier to understand the conversation contact at a glance. Workflow automations and bots are now labeled and have unique icons and colors.

Activity Tracking

Agent activities are now tracked in a feed directly in-line with the conversation for real-time updates and historical insights. Change of ownership, automatically closed conversations and more are all conveniently shown in a feed inline with the conversation.

Snappier Integrations

Our Oracle, Salesforce, and Zendesk integrations had a delay in loading, so we rushed ahead and brought them up to speed.

Multiple Phone Numbers and Chat Apps per Core Account

Core now allows multiple phone numbers and chat apps to be integrated into one account. Agents who oversee multiple brands can now converse with customers in one single place.

Auto Tagging

Macros and Workflow Auto Responders can now automatically add tags to conversations based on the context. This is a major time saver for agents and product teams love to see the real-time insights into issues.

File Systems Upgrade

We’ve created two different ways to send files to a customer. The first is a direct upload from an agent’s hard drive (recommended for small teams). The second is a library that houses pre-approved images for agents to select from (recommended for large teams). Admins can toggle these both on or off in the admin panel.

Character Counter Comes to Core

Core teams now have a character counter. Don’t forget–keeping messages to less than 160 characters is best practice!

Breakout Windows Come to Core

Breakout windows, the feature that allows agents to handle dozens of messages at a time, now comes standard in Core.

Fixed Bugs

Bugs can be frustrating, but fortunately, the ones we fixed this time were easy to find and fix.