On Tuesday, November 7, every phone in the Teckst office rang. A San Francisco number populated the caller ID, and in less than two rings, the phone call was answered. “Hello, thanks for calling Teckst. This is Matt. How may I help you?”

We were in the midst of launching a new client and they had requested a last-minute change to their auto responder. Within 30 seconds, we revised the updated auto-responder verbiage and collaborated via Slack to the tech team to make the adjustment in real-time. I called the client back directly and notified him that he’s ready to go. “Wow, that was fast–thank you,” he responded.

This type of service is one of the key tenants of the Teckst client experience. If you review Gartner’s Capterra reviews, you’ll see a consistent pattern with our client reviews. Sure, the vast majority are five star reviews, but the comments include the same consistent messaging: Our clients receive the best experience in the industry.

Why It’s Included

When I was overseeing customer experience at Seamless, I worked with dozens (if not hundreds) of vendors, from ad tech to CRM. Some vendors over promised, while others were unfriendly. The worst offenders were those who were hard to get a hold of or required a special contract for better service.

In one instance, our CRM platform went down on one of our busiest days, and we were informed that a contact would reach out to us within a few days. On the one side, we thought to ourselves, “We’re a billion dollar company and can afford the extra $5,000 per month,” but on the flip side, we were already spending tens of thousands with the vendor and thought that we deserved a quick phone call at least.  But no. We were held hostage. For the extra service, we had to pay $5,000 then and there.

That type of experience is the exact thing that we make sure to avoid at Teckst. As a startup, we need to treat every client issue with urgency and respect. But even as we grow, we intend to keep this motto. It’s imperative that we continue growing Teckst with great service as part of our brand.

The Ritz Carlton is a stellar example of great customer experience included for all. I recently attended a company presentation specifically about this topic and how they create incredible moments with every customer. They are a massive organization with more than 40,000 employees, and they still create incredible experiences every day. Their secret isn’t a secret at all. A quick Google search for Ritz Carlton Gold Standards takes you right to their page with a list of their tenants. Great service is ingrained as a part of their brand.

On the flip side, a hostel is the bare minimum. A bed and shelter from the elements, and a shower with warm water if you’re lucky. Many of the services we compete against are hostels as their base model, and everything beyond an ounce of decency costs money. We’re different because we only hire the personality that goes the extra mile. We’re believers in a fair pricing model as well as giving exceptional service included. Nothing less than that.

Comparing Us to Others

While our platform is a full end-to-end solution, we’re often compared to companies that sell APIs or developer tools, or to CRMs that have cheap add-ons. In reality, though, what we talk about the most isn’t even the differences in our products, it’s the difference in the service we provide.

If you’ve ever spoken with someone from our growth team, they’ll ask you: “The last time one of your customer service tools had an issue, what was the experience like for you?” We hear about all kinds of terrible answers from companies small to Fortune 500. Ask yourself about the experience, and if you’d pick a service that has better service included versus one that charges for something we give away.

We were recently commended by one our clients that resonates with everything we stand for. As a founder, this will forever be burned in my memory. Our Fortune 500 client with more than 20 years of experience leading customer service teams shared with us that he experienced the smoothest launch in his entire career with us, and he attributes this to the amazing client service from the Teckst team.

That makes me proud, and I’m grateful to be able to share that with you.