On December 10th in San Francisco, surrounded by friends and inspirational colleagues, I hit “send” on a life changing email. For nearly thirty minutes, I read it over and over again. Internally, I asked myself if it was too harsh, or if it needed to wait a few more days. What I realized, though, was that it didn’t matter. The content of the email was just words. The action was much greater. Leaving my full-time shelter job to dedicate my passion to my own tech startup was very, very hard.

Hour one was the hardest of the morning. I began e-pacing, where I was checkin my email nearly every minute, constantly hitting refresh to see if my boss replied. Seconds felt like millennia, and still no email after an eternity.

To keep my mind busy, I did what I always do: I worked my butt off on my product. Even though I’ve been working on it, this time it felt different. It was more like I could feel the weight being pulled off my shoulders like a toy crane yanks at stuffed animals at the fair. This time, thought, the crane stuck, and my collective mass was shrinking.

In Kabbalah, there’s a saying that you can make room for more goodness by removing something, or making your vessel larger. The feeling of weight coming off my shoulders was the manifestation of my vessel getting larger. Sitting in my hotel room, cranking away at marketing pages and vanity copy, I stare at the bottle of Nestle water the hotel distributes for free. Right there, staring at me, was a 1-800 number on the back of a bottle. Instantly I felt anger.

Why would Nestle want me to call them, and why would I ever call them?

Then it hit me. This is the perfect place to put a Teckst handle. Imagine if every company put their Teckst handle on their product how many more people would actually communicate with them. In fact, people are significantly more likely to text a company than call them, even if they have a customer service issue.

The end of day one ended with this moment of future vision, and the writing of this blog post. To all my friends, family, and business family, have a wonderful night and let’s prepare for a great adventure in the years to come.


Matt Tumbleson