As we kick off the new year, one trend that’s quickly becoming mainstream is two-way text messaging for businesses. In fact, text messaging was implemented in more than 78% of all contact centers in 2017, making it the next big channel enterprises are testing.

To drive revenue growth, brands are paying greater attention to truly enhancing the mobile experience and call centers must shift from cost centers to becoming profit centers. Two-way text messaging is proven to increase customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and customer effort score in the post-purchase “customer service” phase of the customer journey. However, the biggest surprise in metrics from adding text messaging comes from before the customer service phase of the customer journey. Brands see a 3% to 15% increase in acquisition from top of funnel and middle of funnel tactics.

Today’s consumers are clearly texting and at Teckst, we make it seamless for brands to start texting with their customers. Here’s an overview of Teckst in action for driving revenues:

Text to Reserve

With ‘Buy Online PickUp In Store’ or In Store Reservations, customers can choose to reserve an item in-store from your website. However, customers are mobile and on the move. Give them the option to text with a customer service agent to reserve an item instead.

While the conversation can be handled entirely by the agent, Teckst can implement the use of a bot to efficiently obtain the customer’s zip code and desired product to expedite the process. Stay tuned for new Teckst features that includes an agent UI for product recommendations, making it even easier for agents to recommend additional products to customers already completing a purchase.

Cart Abandonment

It’s common for consumers browsing an eCommerce site to leave items in their cart and not end up making a purchase: They may have questions about the product itself or the checkout process that keeps them from clicking submit. If the customer service department is armed with cart abandonment technology, agents can reach out to these individuals via an outbound text message instead of by email to further engage the customer. For example:

“Hi John, this is Meghan from ABC Company. I saw that you had a few items still in your cart. Did you have any questions I could help you with? I can even complete the purchase with the card I have on file if you’d like.”

Order Thank You

After an order is purchased & delivered, the customer may run into issues that customer service could easily solve. In fact, 80% of customers wouldn’t shop again with a brand if they returned their first order, according to a recent Rakuten whitepaper.

To solve for this, the following text could be sent after a customer receives their item.

“Hi John, this is Meghan again from ABC Company. Your items were delivered on Wednesday & I wanted to thank you for your business & make sure you’re happy. Anything I can help with?”

The result is a proactive, one-to-one relationship with the customer that can lead to increased loyalty & future orders. Not to mention, any issues that arise can be solved on a channel that is far more efficient and cost-effective for customer service departments.

Is your organization ready to increase revenues with texting? Text us to have a conversation on how we can get your customer service teams texting with ease.