Our founder & CEO, Matt Tumbleson talks to TechTarget about the use of chatbots for enterprises: 

Chatbots currently have a somewhat negative association because they are limited in their capabilities, such as determining location based on GPSsignals, and then tying it into back-end systems for conversational responses. This is according to Matt Tumbleson, founder and CEO of Teckst, which makes a customer service text messaging platform that employs chatbots. However, as they evolve, chatbots may use real-time data to learn what questions users are asking, and then anticipate the data needed when called upon to perform tasks, he noted.

But chatbots, as useful as they are, and as evolved as they may become, will never entirely replace humans, Tumbleson said. While they will remove humans from basic questions and answers, such as “Where’s my order?” a human will always be needed for upselling and cross-selling purposes. This, in turn, will drive more revenue for companies because their employees will not be spending time performing basic tasks in customer service or elsewhere.

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