Teckst is featured in CRMXchange’s Call Center Week 2017 Onsite Review:

Teckst is a telecommunications startup based in New York City. It is driven by a team of experts with a passion for enabling enterprise customer service teams all over the world to use text messaging to better communicate with consumers. This diverse group includes leaders from IBM, Bloomberg, General Assembly, Lockheed Martin, FitMoo, and Seamless/GrubHub. Matt Tumbleson, founder and CEO of Teckst, who was the Marketing and Creative Director of Seamless/GrubHub, operates on the policy that his company should to do everything possible to make clients completely happy with their solution. He elaborated in his answers to our inquiries.

With the growing body of evidence that clearly shows that customers want the ability to communicate with businesses via text messaging, what is holding back widespread adaptation?

The number one reason why companies are concerned with texting is because they are afraid of a deluge of new communications to their customer service teams. This says two things to us: they understand this is a service their customers want, and automations are necessary to help deflect, even if just as a vanity feature.

Texting wasn’t even considered for customer service a few years ago, yet the average consumer was sending hundreds of texts per day. Today, SMS is making a positive impact in the customer journey from start to finish. We’ve witnessed an accelerating growth of enterprises that have added text messaging in the past year.

There’s still plenty of room for growth. For texting for customer service to gain widespread adoption, there is still more education needed on the technology and the ease of implementation, staffing and training and for companies to get a handle on the ROI.

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