Consumers this year may notice something incredible helpful in-store and online: texting with brands for customer service, shopping inquiries, fit, color, and shipping is popping up everywhere.

Our clients, for example, cover more than 50 million Americans (not to mention 25+ other countries outside of the States). Now, more than ever, texting with brands is available to large populations of consumers.

So, with airlines, telecommunications providers, and retailers all texting with their customers to answer questions like, “Can I reschedule my flight?” and, “Where’s my pumpkin pie?” the question remains: How’d they do that?

The Web

Mobile providers in the US and abroad are a complex web. Similar to the Internet, it’s literally a string of network cables interconnected across the globe. No, texts aren’t beamed to a satellite, a laser beam, or via magnets through the Earth’s core. They are literally sent via wireless waves to a tower, translated into a data format, and transferred via wires across the country.

Getting into the network isn’t easy, and breaking a mobile phone into the bits a customer service team needs isn’t a matter of grabbing a screwdriver and ingenuity. Advanced software needs to be utilized to text-enable toll free numbers (a blog post for another day), connect it to the team, and make it easy to do.

Imagine the old days where a telephone switchboard with an operator was how phone calls were connected. That process has been improved over the years to a fully automated one. Almost every brand on earth has a phone number. Those phone calls get routed through the software their agents use so everything is tracked and monitored.

Teckst’s Integration

Teckst is the equivalent to that. Once we text-enable a brands toll-free number, we route all of the texts they receive and send through the software they already use. These include CRM platforms like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and even custom-built systems. Our telecommunications engineers put more than 20,000 hours into building out the robust system to handle all of the potential issues with modern-day needs (texting) over really old technology (telephone networks).

Check out the diagram below. Just as voice, chat, and email are integrated into the software teams use today, our integration plugs right into that “unified inbox” teams already utilize for a top-tier experience.

Branded Perfectly

Texting is a highly personal channel, but since Teckst’s clients are already trained in the brand via phone, email, and chat, adding texting as a channel is incredibly easy. Although most of our clients utilize texting for year-round service, some really great holiday examples have popped up recently. A few examples include back-to-school (Staples), Spring cleaning (The Home Depot), Valentine’s Day (1-800-Flowers), Halloween (Spencer’s), and Summer travel (Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak).

Beyond SMS

Texting is incredibly ubiquitous. With more than seven billion phones having default access to it, it makes sense for global brands to use a system like Teckst to communicate with their consumers. Our robust platform allows a consumer to text with their airline in the US pre-boarding, and again from another continent after they land (we service all but Antartica!). Plus, for countries like China where texting is old hat, our platform includes WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. Mobile texting apps are popping up daily, and Teckst is the best way for brands to move from the age-old guessing game of, “Which should we be on?” to, “Wow, we’re on all of them.”

To learn more about how Teckst works, or how texting would work with your brand (or a brand you love), shoot us a text to 1-855-980-6848. We’ll be happy to show you!