Summer officially begins Monday, June 20, 2016. Not only does that mean longer days, it also means kids playing in the yard, family vacations, beautiful breezes, and, for many businesses, a slight dip in customer service tickets/cases.

We’ve worked with some really great companies over the last few years, and we compiled some of our favorite tips we’ve learned to help get into shape for (enjoying) the summer season.

  1. Get the mobile app of your CRM., Help Scout, and Zendesk all have native apps that work seamlessly on iPhones and Androids. Get them by visiting the app store of your device, or click on the links here: Desk (iOS), Desk (Android), Help Scout (iOS), Zendesk (iOS), Zendesk (Android).
  2. Enable macros and autoresponders. Macros are like copy/paste on steroids, and autoresponders are simple workflows (similar to rules for email). Our team of engineers are experts in a variety of CRMs, so reach out of you need any help here. We can also custom make these with our powerful TeckstBots™ features that can mirror any office hours you’d like to implement!
  3. Lunch (and learn!) about best practices. Hold a Lunch and Learn with your team to review the most common questions, the best replies to them, and how to conclude a conversation as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  4. Update your FAQ page. Many customers are looking for a simple reply, so keeping your FAQs up to date is important. We recommend reviewing the FAQ page with every new product release.
  5. Reduce time consuming channels. If you still rely mostly on phone calls, you’re doing it wrong. Quicker channels like text messaging are an instant switch to reducing phone calls. Texts are limited in length and people typically praise brevity than length when reading/writing texts.
  6. Give someone a monkey. The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey is an incredible book that talks about giving tasks to people and letting them run with it. If there’s someone on your team who’s been itching to get more responsibility, assign them the task of evaluating the current process to make improvements. Set a deadline of two weeks and let them have the freedom to watch, learn, and make recommendations.
  7. Have a friendly contest. Get everyone to invest time and effort in improving resolution time by setting up a fun, internal contest. Use your current dashboard metrics as the baseline, then give the winner an extra paid vacation day to go enjoy a long weekend away!
  8. Bring cold brew to the office. Cold brew has twice as much caffeine as regular drip coffee (and is refreshing during the warmer months!). Since we’re all addicted to it already, just get the stronger stuff and watch resolution times reduce like crazy.
  9. Open the blinds. The summer sun is much stronger, and sunlight inherently keeps us more focused and awake. Open the blinds and let the light in—your team will work better and faster!

This may be jumping ahead, but once you’ve managed to reduce time to resolution, inbound tickets/cases, and you’re summer ready, here are some suggestions on how to enjoy your newfound time off:

  1. Get the office a picnic basket. We actually do this at Teckst, and it’s great. Washington Square Park is just a few blocks away, and having a picnic basket stocked and ready to go makes your lunch break even more of a reboot.
  2. Enjoy Summer Fridays. This one is particularly hard for support teams because they’re usually the ones manning the fort when everyone else is out and about. To allow some people to enjoy Summer Fridays and pass it along to the whole team, assign different Fridays where the team is split up in threes. Each Friday a different third of the team gets to leave at 1PM. Within three weeks, everyone will have had an early Friday, and the cycle repeats.
  3. Enjoy Mimosa Mondays. If you can’t get out of the office, a mimosa (non-alcoholic is great for Monday AM) makes the team feel rewarded and boosts morale at the beginning of the week. Some great bagels and various cream cheeses will add some much-needed energy to the lackluster first day of the work week.
  4. Get the night shift some movies. For the team(s) working late when tickets/cases are usually low, get the team a subscription to Netflix so they can watch the latest season of House of Cards or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  5. Go crazy and get Spotify for the whole team! Reducing those lengthy phone calls is super easy with Teckst. Once you’ve reduced enough calls, get some great speakers and let the team add songs to a collaborative Spotify playlist. Play it on shuffle and enjoy how fast time flies!