Trending topics in pop culture don’t only determine what we talk about, but they also influence how we talk about them. Literally: just check the latest entries on The online dictionary added 300 words this past July, from touchy relationship terms to what it’s called when you eat lunch at your desk.

Even the savviest company team members might find themselves brushing up on a definition or two. Don’t get lost in translation; here are seven new dictionary words that your front-line customer service teams should know to stay current in conversing with your customers.




  1. Al desko: eating at one’s desk in an office.

I used to have to eat al desko because I was on hold with a customer service rep, but thanks to Teckst I can have my lunch and eat it too–anywhere there is SMS service.

  1. Athleisure: a style of clothing inspired by athletic apparel but also worn as casual, everyday wear.

All these retailers are rushing to the athleisure finish line, knowing they need to provide what customers need before they don’t want it any more.

  1. Ghosting: the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship.

When bad service feels like a break up: after hours of back and forth, that customer service representative ghosted me.

  1. Long-form: noting or relating to types of print or visual media content characterized by in-depth, lengthy narratives.

Goodbye, angry long-form letters and emails to companies that have left me high and dry. Hello, instant SMS making me (insert smiling emoji here).

  1. NBD: acronym for no big deal.

My food order on a rainy day was running late, so I texted with my delivery person and they promised they’d be there soon. It’s NBD, thanks for letting me know.

  1. Totes:

I will totes shop from that online store again after they overnighted the shoes they accidentally hadn’t shipped!

  1. Train wreck: a person who has experienced a personal failure, disaster, etc.

That car service that cancelled on me 3 times in a row AND never answered my complaint emails? Total train wreck.