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Text Messaging

TBH? SMH? Decipher Teckstspeak Like A Boss

By July 13, 2015 No Comments

Have you ever received a text from a customer and had absolutely no clue what it meant? TBH, it happens all the time. Beyond the OMG and LOL, there’s a whole new crop of words that are half conversational, half speed-reading. This new form of reading and writing is known as textspeak (or teckstspeak, as we like to write it). Don’t be afraid to test out some teckstspeak with your customers. Survey results show that speaking to your customers like a human (not a robot) increases their affinity for your brand.

CAPS: Anything in all capital letters (means yelling/adds emphasis) : “LINDA. LINDA. LINDA. LISTEN TO ME.”

FTW : For The Win : “Taco Bell Dorito Quasarito FTW!”

HMU : Hit Me Up: “HMU when you get to Equinox. I’ll meet you there.”

IDC : I Don’t Care : “IDC where we meet for our Tinder date.”

IDK : I Don’t Know : “IDK if I can make it. I’m washing my hair.”

IMHO: In My Honst Opinion : “Madonna’s new album is ok. IMHO, nothing beats Ray of Light.”

J/K : Just Kidding : “Weekend Update’s Judy Grimes is here for some tips to traveling around New York. J/K!”

K : Okay : “K.”

NP : No Problem : “I can grab the laundry on the way home. NP.”

SMH: Shaking My Head : “Went to Denny’s and the waitress said they didn’t have any decaf. SMH.”

TBH: To Be Honest : “TBH, I fell asleep in the movie. Frozen just wasn’t my thing.”

TY : Thank You : “Grammy, the card and $11 check was so sweet. TY.”

WBU: What About You? : “Just got to Publix. Gonna order a giant chicken tender sub. WBU?”

W/E : Whatever : “Cool. W/E.”

And don’t forget the almighty power of emojis and animated GIFS (coming soon to Teckst)!