Nobody Calls: How a Former Director at Seamless Made Texting Companies “A Thing”

New York, NY – October 5, 2015

Seamless has become a phenomenon for every New Yorker. In fact, millions of orders are placed daily on the service via either the app or through the website. But in 2014, when the company went public, their Creative Director, Matt Tumbleson, felt that Seamless and other e-commerce companies were lacking one key thing to back up the “no calls” promise: When something went wrong, customers had to call to get it fixed.

In the 21st century, customer service teams have ballooned in size to keep up with the switch from in-person shopping to e-commerce. Sales associates have decreased while customer care agents have increased. And consumer behavior has evolved as well. Person-to-person (P2P) is the new social media. Services like Facebook have shifted their focus to WhatsApp and Messenger to adapt to the change. However, traditional texting is still used more than any apps or services.

Texting is so ubiquitous that you can’t walk down the street without someone running into you due to staring down at their device instead of looking where they’re going. Millions of texts are sent every minute, yet the ability for companies to receive texts from consumers didn’t exist.

Tumbleson jumped on the opportunity to pioneer this technology, and in Fall of 2014, he left Seamless to focus full-time on Teckst. After securing a pre-seed round of $1M, he built his team to create the technology and sell it to enterprises in the US. He hired engineers from Lockheed Martin and brought on a COO from General Assembly, another of New York’s darling startup stories.

In the first month since launch, Teckst has contracts with clients from four countries, mostly in the e-commerce space. E-commerce companies are already seeing major benefits from texting over phone calls, supporting Tumbleson’s hypothesis of happy customers and happy companies. Luxe (aka Luxe Valet), has seen a reduction in 40% of their phone calls–the costliest and most time consuming of all communication channels for companies.

As the holiday season approaches, contracts continue to come in from growing e-commerce brands looking to keep up with demand without scaling their teams up and simultaneously meet consumers on the channel the consumer wants to use most. In fact, a study recently shows nearly 70% of all consumers prefer to text with companies, however most acknowledged that companies hadn’t adopted the technology.


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