Calls Deep

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My mom taught me to go all the way or don’t go at all. This loosely translate to my adult life. I eat the entire bucket of Ben & Jerry’s every time. Same with Lime flavored Tostito’s. I never go to the Upper West Side. Same with Seattle. Either it’s something of an obsession, or not on the radar at all. When I started building the concept for Teckst, it was specifically for customer service.

“Contacting airlines sucks!” was the first bullet point on our “problems we want to solve.” Airlines and banks are notorious for having bad customer service that’s outsourced to far away lands, and we wanted to fix that. But customer service for companies with departments of a similar name was just not all in. It wasn’t big enough. As we started thinking about it, we decided to open the platform to all businesses and all communication.

“Ya, I’d love to get a text from the dry cleaner when my laundry is ready,” said Joey Davison, who we spoke with a few weeks ago. When we mentioned being able to text Onassis Clothing about coming in to try on jeans next Saturday, Mario Sutter was all about it. “Wait. So I text them on Friday that I’m coming in on Saturday and they’ll have the items I want ready to try on? I’m in. All in.”

“I hate waiting on hold,” said Jean Lawrence, “But I hate getting that random call from the restaurant calling to confirm my reservation. I never know who’s calling, then I listen to the voicemail, call them back to confirm, and the line is busy. Fix THAT for me, okay?” she asked.

As we roadshowed from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, every VC, angel, customer, client, friend, family member, and rando eavesdropping in a coffee shop gave a list of the businesses they’d love to text with rather than call. And with every addition to the list, we became more inspired to go all the way with Teckst and make it a platform that helps make the world more understandable and seamless. We’re almost there, and we won’t stop until we’ve made it.

Join our beta today at http://www.teckst.com/signup and help us get there.

Matt Tumbleson

Founder Guy, Teckst