About Teckst

What is Teckst?

Teckst empowers enterprises to build one-on-one relationships with their customers by facilitating real-time human-to-human messaging. We text-enable your current phone numbers and pull the SMS messages along with those from other chat providers directly into your CRM, where agents can respond quickly and efficiently. The Teckst platform integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, FreshDesk, and more, with a dashboard that puts analytics and controls at the fingertips of management.

Why Texting?

Ask any company’s finance department and they’ll tell you that staffing phone lines is expensive. Ask the head of customer care, and they’ll tell you phone calls are inefficient. Text messaging surpassed phone calls in 2007, and billions of texts are sent every day from more than 6 billion mobile phones. So why have companies avoided hopping on the text train? The technology for large teams to see, track, and respond to texts from within a centralized system has not existed until now.

Teckst was built with the enterprise in mind. Our native integrations plug directly into complex systems, including CRMs, analytics platforms, and custom software. That means agents don’t have to log in to another screen or learn a new platform.

Our Hangry Beginnings

Our founder, Matt Tumbleson, was the first Creative Director of Seamless/GrubHub, the nation’s largest online food ordering platform. In working to improve the customer journey from marketing to care, he saw a major disconnect. Customers that were trying to avoid making phone calls by ordering food online often had no choice but to pick up the phone if there was an issue with their order.

Matt set out to build a platform that would take phone calls out of the customer service equation for those who didn’t want to dial. With input from more than two-dozen customer service leaders, Teckst was born. Today, Teckst is an enterprise platform serving a diverse array of customers, from ESPN to Chanel to Lyft.

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